Sunday, August 26, 2007


Today I put together a pile of stuff for GoodWill. GoodWill is an interesting concept.

Some people just give their stuff away. If you have more than you need or you have something that someone else could use you could just give it away. When you give in your community, you instill that attribute in others. That is when giving works, because you know that others will also give.

Now if the community is larger and you don't know the people who are giving or receiving, or you need something specific we turned to bartering. You trade for something specific in return.

But what if you don't have anything good to barter with then you could trade with someone else or save up to get something that people would want, or just develop currency. So now we spend money for things instead of trading.

But why spend money on something used, when you can buy something new. Now along comes disposable items and our landfills are full of those things because you can no longer just give things away.

So how do we stop the madness!!???

Well one thing someone thought of was Goodwill. With Goodwill you can donate your items and deduct your donation from your taxes. The government is encouraging the giving by giving you a break on your taxes.

What does GoodWill now do with your old stuff? They resell it for a discounted amount. The money goes to running the store and to fund education and career services.

So now your stuff is helping others. But what if Goodwill cannot sell your stuff?
That is what I would like to find out. Do they throw it away in the landfills? I hope not!

Moral: Buy good stuff then give it away.

Friday, August 24, 2007

Wasted Paper

In my quest to be environmentally conscious I am so happy that we do so much at my workplace. We buy office supplies made of recycled materials and recycle glass, plastic and paper.
This week my office ran two large meetings and created 60 binders of PowerPoint presentations. Each day, only half the people took their books and the other half left them behind. We can't recycle this paper, we have to put them into burn bags so this left me with the dread of how much paper we just wasted.
We started thinking about what we can do to not waste so much in toner and paper, making copies. So for our next big meeting we will only print out the agenda, and a few handouts and have a pad of paper available for note-taking. All of the presentations will be emailed prior to to the meetings so they can be viewed and a CD will be handed out with copies of the briefings presented that day. We can go even one step further because we have a webpage where we can post the presentation so people will not need a CD. I'm not sure if that is going too far, but we shall see how this works.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Non-toxic bugs

When bugs come around my mom reaches for the arsenic and any other bug spray she can find. It bugged me when she sprayed my herb garden. So I found Orange Guard made of orange peel extract, one of the many bug ridders that is safe on food and around pets.

Now, how do I dispose of the bug spray?

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

My Dog G

Cool. I took this from my mobile phone. Mobile blogging is a very cool feature.

My dog G

Late night online shopping

One night last night I couldn't sleep and did some online shopping. I figure I'm not wasting energy going to the store, but I am generating some emissions with a delivery truck. UPS is doing a great job with environmental initiatives and using alternative fuels so there is some consolation in that.

So I find myself at Green I'm looking for a composter for my apartment patio.
I found a plastic one online a while back but it seemed a bit complicated. Well, I found one on this site and yes did the impulse buy. $500 later... I am now the proud owner of a deluxe apartment composter made out of a barrel. This thing better last forever and make my breakfast in the morning. I think it arrived today, but it's in the front office.
I'll let you know if composting changes my apartment life.

Well, the composter didn't arrive. In fact it was on back order. After a few weeks I figured I was crazy for buying something so expensive and canceled my order.
I feel like I took 2 steps backward, but I'll still keep my eye open for the right composter.

Going Green

I started this journey three years ago while I was taking Environmental Sciences classes because they were much more interesting than my MBA courses.

By now I have read a ton of articles and books on conservation, ecology, energy, sustainability, etc. I believe that our environment effects our health and well being. Our own ecosystems impacts our moods, our illnesses and our ability to thrive. I think there is a direct link to what we ingest and are exposed to, and our psychoses and illnesses.

So my journey began. My eco-conscious formed and the smog lifted. I decided (doo du dah doo!) that I would go green.

I'll put together a list of the books I've read and want to read. Please read them and let me know what you think.

Going green should be fun, so here is quiz to take. Quizes are fun.
Now you know, like me, what changes you can make to go green. Read on to find out how it's going, or rather sometimes going, sometimes not. My goal is to live on 1 planet by the end of 2007!

Here are my results.

FOOD 3.2




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