Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Late night online shopping

One night last night I couldn't sleep and did some online shopping. I figure I'm not wasting energy going to the store, but I am generating some emissions with a delivery truck. UPS is doing a great job with environmental initiatives and using alternative fuels so there is some consolation in that. http://www.community.ups.com/environment/main.html

So I find myself at Green Home.com. I'm looking for a composter for my apartment patio.
I found a plastic one online a while back but it seemed a bit complicated. Well, I found one on this site and yes did the impulse buy. $500 later... I am now the proud owner of a deluxe apartment composter made out of a barrel. This thing better last forever and make my breakfast in the morning. I think it arrived today, but it's in the front office.
I'll let you know if composting changes my apartment life.

Well, the composter didn't arrive. In fact it was on back order. After a few weeks I figured I was crazy for buying something so expensive and canceled my order.
I feel like I took 2 steps backward, but I'll still keep my eye open for the right composter.

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CnH said...

Your comment about wasting energy going to the store by buying online, and then considering that the delivery truck still had to use energy made me think about something that happened to me yesterday.
I run a small business out of my home and I fulfill orders of my product to retail stores. I have several local accounts. I like to personally deliver my products to them when I can, just to strengthen my business relationship with them. But one of the 'local' stores is about 30 miles away. I was actually stuck in a quandary yesterday, wanting to deliver to them (to save them the shipping charge) but realizing that the cost of the gas I would use was more that the cost of the shipping charge!
Finally I decided that the delivery truck was already out there using gas and so I decided to ship this order to them.
But this made me realize that I definitely think differently now with all the talk in the media about the Green issues.
With how little I watch the news or read the paper, I suppose that means that the message is getting out there.

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