Friday, August 24, 2007

Wasted Paper

In my quest to be environmentally conscious I am so happy that we do so much at my workplace. We buy office supplies made of recycled materials and recycle glass, plastic and paper.
This week my office ran two large meetings and created 60 binders of PowerPoint presentations. Each day, only half the people took their books and the other half left them behind. We can't recycle this paper, we have to put them into burn bags so this left me with the dread of how much paper we just wasted.
We started thinking about what we can do to not waste so much in toner and paper, making copies. So for our next big meeting we will only print out the agenda, and a few handouts and have a pad of paper available for note-taking. All of the presentations will be emailed prior to to the meetings so they can be viewed and a CD will be handed out with copies of the briefings presented that day. We can go even one step further because we have a webpage where we can post the presentation so people will not need a CD. I'm not sure if that is going too far, but we shall see how this works.

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CnH said...

This posting reminded me of stories my Grandparents told me. They were adults during the Great Depression and then during WWII when resources were in short supply, and they were raising their young family.
They used to tell me about how paper was so precious, and it was something that came low on the list for spending money on. They would save it and reuse it. They would write notes and shopping lists on scraps, then erase them and use the scraps again; Just to save some money from not buying anymore paper.

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