Sunday, September 30, 2007

What to do with that burnt out bulb

I switched to the new flourescent bulbs a few years ago and I now have my first burnt out bulb. I knew I needed to recycle it, so I looked on the package and it took me to
I just wanted to find out how to recycle the bulb.
That site took me to Energy Star site,
which took me to the Earth 911 site which led me to a dead end.
That site only had places in Maryland which accepted the bulbs.
(UPDATE: Earth 911 has updated their site!)

I went back to the Energy Star site,
which took me to the EPA site,
which took me to the site which gave a facility in Arlington. And this is what it says:

HHM Facilty Location and Hours of Operation
Arlington County's household hazardous materials (HHM) facility is for disposal of household hazardous materials generated by Arlington residents. The HHM drop-off facility is located on the grounds of the Water Pollution Control Plant at 3402 S. Glebe Rd. The HHM entrance is at 3151 S. Fern St, at the intersection of South Fern Street and South Glebe Road.
We do not accept commercial or business hazardous materials.
The HHM drop-off facility is open every Saturday between 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM, except during major holidays and scheduled E-CARE collection events (typically held one Saturday in April and October). Please call 703-228-6832 to verify HHM facility closures during these times.
A scheduled appointment is not required to drop-off materials on Saturdays. However, citizens are encouraged to confirm acceptability of their HHM materials by calling the HHM chemist at (703) 228-6832 before arrival at our facility. On Saturdays, citizens should proceed directly to the HHM storage sheds and check-in with the HHM chemist.
Monday - Friday hours are by appointment only. Call (703) 228-6832 during business hours to schedule an appointment. On weekdays, citizens with appointments should report to the security guard at the gate.

So I'm just many complex ways are there to dispose of a lightbulb?
There has got to be a better way.

Monday, September 17, 2007

A Green Idea - Brainstorming

I had a green idea today. Let me throw this out there and see if there in any interest.

I am thinking of going to website that will cover 50 states in 50 weeks. Once a week is a profile of 2 towns or cities in one of the 50 states and their status on going green.

I need to think of what the factors they will be ranked on.
The time consuming part is gathering the data on the cities and scoring their efforts. If would be great to visit the city to get some photos to go along with the profile.
Then rank them against the ideal and against themselves.

I think it would promote going green across the US and give people a visual on how well the US is doing against the ideal.

I welcome your suggestions, especially on what the factors should be.

Monday, September 10, 2007

Sunday, September 9, 2007

Word is getting out

One of my goals is to get the word out about sustainable living and I've tried different ways. This blog is one of them. Something I did a while back is now making an impact.

A few months ago I got a vanity plate for my car. It says UGOGRN.
Well, this Sunday the pastor at my church used my plate in his sermon. The entire service centered around being good steward of creation. I was honored that my plate was in the right place at the right time to add to his ideas for the service! :)

Here is a prayer from the bulletin.
O God, you gave us a Garden, and we have covered it with concrete and asphalt. You gave us rivers for the waters that sustain us, and we have poisoned them. You gave us clean air to breathe, and we post pollution alerts so people can remain indoors. God, help us to understand that your world is not a dominion to be mastered, but rather an intricate web to sustain us and help us thrive. Even Creation awaits its renewal in the return of Jesus Christ. In the meantime, help us to tend to the Garden as the gardeners you call us to be. - Grace Presbyterian Church, Springfield, VA.

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

I CAN do it

Well my momentous action today was to put my soda can in the recycling bin.

Monday, September 3, 2007

Organizing my home office

Organizing my home office has been a very daunting task.
I didn't want to just throw stuff out, so this is what I did. It took a lot longer, but I do feel good about it.

First I took a few hours to pick out stuff that I could recycle. I broke down cardboard boxes and separated the plastice item.
I got a good paper shredder an got rid of old receipts and personnal papers that I no longer needed. I recycled this too.
I'm thankful my apartment complex has bins by the dumpster for these items. But there is also a recycling center pretty close.
I had a huge desk that was damaged in my last move. With a friend, we took it apart and threw out the broken and bent pressboard top. I kept the drawer sets and made a little file cabinet/printer stand but placing the drawer sets side-by-side and covering them with an old colorful mexican blanket that I had in a trunk. I did by a smaller, more functional writing desk. I tried to find one used, but could not find a small desk. Most were large with built in drawers.

I gave a lot of stuff to goodwill. My office closet had a lot of clothes I no longer wore and an old stereo that I didn't use. That all went to goodwill. I also emptied a lot of folders and paper clips and can reuse those.

I did have to buy a shelf for my closet. I've been waiting to see if I could find a shelf or get one second hand, but after a month I broke down and bought a new shelf set at Bed Bath and Beyond. Oh well.

Almost there!
I'm almost finished with my home office. It's looking a lot better and I now realize there are a ton of books I wanted to read that were hidden under other stuff. I moved a small comfy chair into my new space and now I have a great place to read. So with a little bit of time and thinking ahead, I did some summer cleaning and feel pretty good about it! :)

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