Monday, September 3, 2007

Organizing my home office

Organizing my home office has been a very daunting task.
I didn't want to just throw stuff out, so this is what I did. It took a lot longer, but I do feel good about it.

First I took a few hours to pick out stuff that I could recycle. I broke down cardboard boxes and separated the plastice item.
I got a good paper shredder an got rid of old receipts and personnal papers that I no longer needed. I recycled this too.
I'm thankful my apartment complex has bins by the dumpster for these items. But there is also a recycling center pretty close.
I had a huge desk that was damaged in my last move. With a friend, we took it apart and threw out the broken and bent pressboard top. I kept the drawer sets and made a little file cabinet/printer stand but placing the drawer sets side-by-side and covering them with an old colorful mexican blanket that I had in a trunk. I did by a smaller, more functional writing desk. I tried to find one used, but could not find a small desk. Most were large with built in drawers.

I gave a lot of stuff to goodwill. My office closet had a lot of clothes I no longer wore and an old stereo that I didn't use. That all went to goodwill. I also emptied a lot of folders and paper clips and can reuse those.

I did have to buy a shelf for my closet. I've been waiting to see if I could find a shelf or get one second hand, but after a month I broke down and bought a new shelf set at Bed Bath and Beyond. Oh well.

Almost there!
I'm almost finished with my home office. It's looking a lot better and I now realize there are a ton of books I wanted to read that were hidden under other stuff. I moved a small comfy chair into my new space and now I have a great place to read. So with a little bit of time and thinking ahead, I did some summer cleaning and feel pretty good about it! :)

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