Sunday, September 9, 2007

Word is getting out

One of my goals is to get the word out about sustainable living and I've tried different ways. This blog is one of them. Something I did a while back is now making an impact.

A few months ago I got a vanity plate for my car. It says UGOGRN.
Well, this Sunday the pastor at my church used my plate in his sermon. The entire service centered around being good steward of creation. I was honored that my plate was in the right place at the right time to add to his ideas for the service! :)

Here is a prayer from the bulletin.
O God, you gave us a Garden, and we have covered it with concrete and asphalt. You gave us rivers for the waters that sustain us, and we have poisoned them. You gave us clean air to breathe, and we post pollution alerts so people can remain indoors. God, help us to understand that your world is not a dominion to be mastered, but rather an intricate web to sustain us and help us thrive. Even Creation awaits its renewal in the return of Jesus Christ. In the meantime, help us to tend to the Garden as the gardeners you call us to be. - Grace Presbyterian Church, Springfield, VA.

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