Sunday, November 25, 2007

Jitterbugs sited in national park

Who knew you could dance green.

I was looking for a neat way to celebrate a birthday and I thought, "Where is a good place to go dancing?" I was searching for ballroom dancing, which I learned much later, will mostly turn up dance lessons.

Last year I went to the Swamp Romp which is a Zydeco music festival held at Wolftrap each year. There is a group of people that have a great time dancing and I found out they all take lessons together, some are dance teachers, and they all like to dance at a place called Glen Echo.

Now fast forward a year or so later and I am sitting on my bed at 11 at night trying to find a place to go dancing and that pops into my head. So I Google Glen Echo, MD and I find the Spanish Ballroom.

So we drive to this National Park and get to a small parking lot. There are no signs and two lighted walkways, a wooden bridge and a cement path. We have no idea where to go, but as I look around for signs a few more cars drive up and park. I watch as the people head for the wooden bridge. It's about 40 degrees out, pretty cold, so we scurry after the people...past a sign for a Children's museum, and a sign for pottery. Some people veer off to the right... but I see a sign for the restrooms so we plug ahead. Then I see a sign for bumper cars and wonder where the heck we are, and we come upon a lighted building. Yes, it's the Spanish ballroom and no heat But, that is okay because within minutes the place is packed with about 80 people learning to Lindy Hop and Jitterbug. Within an hour we are jumping like the best of them to the Tom Cunningham Orchestra. (The have great ties.)

So national parks are not just for hiking and camping, but they are also a place to jump, jive and wail.

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CnH said...

You were looking for somewhere to go at 11PM? I can barely remember the last time that happened to me....LOL! I feel so old!
That place sounds cool. We have something like that here on Friday nights at a local city park at the Veterans hall. They do lessons from 6-7PM and then open dancing with a band. We have been wanting to go, but haven't done it yet.
It's only $6 per person!

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