Sunday, November 18, 2007

Renewable Energy

Why do we need to switch to renewable energy? Not just because it's better for the planet and will cause less pollution. The world demands oil and it is part of the reason for the wars in the Middle East. The need for natural resources is a big reason why people go to war.

I recently went to the Middle East and saw what the US and coalition forces are doing first hand. I went to Bagram and saw the wounded soldiers and civilians. I learned how careful our troops our despite the bad press. I felt what it was like to stay in trailers, some are not so lucky and live in plywood huts called B-huts.

The armed forces and state department need your help and support.
We need to get our industry and homes converted to using renewable energy sources now, not 20 years down the road.

The troops living in the forward operating bases know how to conserve. Clean water is hard to come by. They shower in 3 min. Wet down, turn off the water...lather up...and a quick rinse. 3 min. When was the last time you spend only 3 min in the shower? A lot of people take 20-30 min in the shower. You used about 5 gallons per minute in the shower. 15 gallons is a lot of water! Imagine carrying 15 - 1 gallon jugs. A 10 min shower takes 50 gallons of water! What a waste!
A bath takes about 50 gallons of water. Save water by taking a bath as a treat.

In the desert there is so much sand and dust that my eyes were constantly irritated. I had to drink a couple gallons of water to stay hydrated and my skin got very dry. Lotion was my constant companion! We will all live in arid lands like the Middle East if we are not careful now.

Dubai was an incredible site, but I kept wondering where will they get all of the water for the city they are building? How are those islands messing with the ocean's ecosystem. How will this effect their fish populations? Are those buildings running on oil or renewable resources. I don't see solar panels! Are they thinking waste=food? I am sure I was driving my travel companions crazy.

But I am not alone in thinking that much is being lost with the rapid building of Dubai. With all of that money, why can't they build a city with electric rail and low emissions? They can build solar buildings and keep open spaces to capture the beauty of the desert. Don't make it all look like LA or New York!
Why can't all of it's buildings be built like this one:

How will they deal with all of the sewage? They need buildings that treat their own waste!

I hope more people jump in and invest in these systems that will not destroy and may improve the environment in the middle east. The businesses and the rich can afford to try the latest in technology. The rest of the world can only benefit from the way they build this new city.

This trip renewed my energy!

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