Sunday, December 2, 2007

Back in the box

My mom can be a defeatist. Everything has chemicals, nothing is good for you. You spend too much time worrying about the ingredients. But the ingredients are everything and when you take a look at what is in that pretty packaging you would be amazed.

Amazed in a good way. I found this great skincare line called Mychelle . This product is great because not only does it not use harsh chemicals, but the price is also reasonable AND it works! I also found Kiss My Face skincare is rated well in not using toxins or harsh chemicals. I just got a sample kit so I'll have to get back to you on the effectiveness. I did try Burts Bees, but it made me breakout....too much wax. :)

The sad news is that my Mary Kay products have a ton of harsh chemicals. I sent a letter and emailed Mary Kay asking them to start an organic line and to stop using the harsh chemicals in their formulas. I did get a nice letter back thanking me for my recommendations. As I go through each product and check the ingredients, I'm not liking what I'm finding. So, I'm sending them back. I packed all of the products with chemicals linked to cancer back in the box with a letter.

I really hope I am able to make an impact. I really like the company and I think it is important for them to create a line that is safe to make and safe to use over time.

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