Monday, December 3, 2007

Instilling good habits

My office recently moved into a new space and we are no longer near the recycling drop. We are also no longer near a bathroom, but that is another matter.
I've noticed that my office mates are throwing their recycleables in the trash! The last guy who said something about not throwing out cans ended up with a case of empties strewn on his desk. Well, maybe not a case, but it was a lot of cans. I was happy to see all of the cans not in the trash.

So what am I doing about it? Nothing yet, but I plan to set up a little recycling collection in the new office area. Then I'll have to remember to take it out once a week. :)

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CnH said...

Here in Roseville, we don't have a separate recycling pick up. We only have a garbage can pickup weekly and a greens can pickup every other week.
They say that that the recycle-able garbage is separated out by hand at the dump. And I have seen people out there at the conveyor belt separating stuff out when I have gone there to drop off large items.
But I really wonder if they get it all.
I started separating out my bottles and cans on my own years ago (since I can cash them in). But last year I started wanting to do more. Since the city does provide large dumpster sites for newspaper and cardboard. I started separating these out too. My husband was skeptical at first, but he goes along with it and even takes them to the dumpsters for me when it gets full in the bins in our garage. Recently the city has added a dumpster for clean Styrofoam. I was excited because that was one thing I definitely hated tossing in the trash.
The system in not great, but it's getting there!

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