Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Going Green on a Dime

Going green shouldn't cost you a lot of money.

It's a way of thinking! Waste=Food
Try not to create waste that can't be composted. If you can't compost it then recycle it. If you can't recycle it, than make sure it can be reused.

The article I read a while back really made me think about the waste I create.
- I now have grocery totes that I can reuse, so I will eventually not have that bag of plastic garbage bags.
- I'm more conscious about waste at work. The garbage is picked up everyday and I barely have a thing in it!
--- I bring my lunch to work in a tupperware and I bring my silverware.
--- I have a mug and water bottle that I refill
--- I am guilty of the occasional mocha latte, so I need to get a mug with a lid that I can take to the coffee stand
--- So I'm down to the occasional wrapper from any snacks I eat or Kleenex (which I think is more hygenic than a hanky. Do they make biodegradable tissues?

I love it!

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