Friday, January 4, 2008

New Year - New Green Goal

Resolution 1: Reduce my waste
It's a new year, 2008, and I've been wondering what my new year's resolution will be. I haven't been able to think of anything that was very inspiring until I saw this website. This man saved his trash for a year and really learned a lot about how much trash one person can generate. It really inspired me to pursue zeroing out my waste.

Recap of 2007
Last year went pretty well. I started this blog and what is really nice about it, is I can go back and really see the areas that I'm struggling with, and the areas where I have made progress.

- Well I've made some progress on the cosmetics front. I've returned all of my skincare, shampoo, makeup etc that had some of the nastiest chemicals to the company with a note why. I haven't heard from them, but didn't expect to.
I then replaced it with a smaller amount of non or low-toxic formulas. I really tried to reduce it to the essentials. The result? I have more room in my bathroom and my skin looks and feels really good! Those nasty brown spots on my face from sunburns of the past are even fading and I'm not using any specialty treatments. The products smell better too.
What am I using?
Products from Kiss My Face and Myschelle; and I spoiled myself with some lotions from Origins. My shampoo and conditioner is from ABBA. I love it, my hair isn't frizzy and smells great, but it's pricy so I get it when it's on sale. When I buy at ULTA I also get points for my purchases. I'm still looking for a brand that works as well and not as expensive.

- I'm also clearing out my junk room and closets and I'm finding a lot of stuff. I've organized my stuff (like they do on those shows on HGTV, I love those shows) into piles for REUSE (donations to Goodwill), RECYCLE (paper, plastic, electronics) and WASTE. I was surprised how small the waste pile was, but after reading the website above, I could go one step better by not buying things that become waste later on anyway!
I have noticed that I have a lot of pens. If you are missing a pen or wonder where the pens have gone, please note I probably have it at my house in my pen drawer.


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CnH said...

I was working out and thinking abut your blog and thought of a few more programs I have taken advantage of over the past year.
1) It is really cool how I can take my used batteries into just about any grocery store in my area and they have collection bins. With three kids and all their toys, we generate a lot of used batteries.
2) For about a year now (maybe longer) I have been using canvas totes for my grocery bags. I fold them all into one larger tote and keep this in my car. Most grocery stores in my are give a bag rebate from 5 - 8 cents per bag if you use your own.
3) I never have to buy those store bags to use as grocery totes because my tote collection is made up of all the bags they give out at all the conventions and tradeshows I have attended. I kept them for years in the front closet and finally realized a use for them in grocery shopping.
3) Also, I use about 8-10 totes per trip where I used to use 12-14 plastic bags.
4) If I find myself in a shopping situation where I have to use their plastic, I keep those and take them back to the store to dispose of in their recycling collection bins. I'm so happy they have those! And the larger plastic shopping bags I keep in my garage for storing all the bottles and cans we collect and recycle.

Areas of improvement? Yes there are a ton!
1) We have toyed with the idea of rechargeable batteries, even bought some and a re-charger. But I am sorry to say we only have a few of them and it seems they always need re-charging! We could do better.
2) I could be recycling more than I do. I realized that I have been putting glass jars (pasta sauce jelly...)in the trash. According to the city, they are pulled out at the dump by hand. But I always wonder. If I pull them out myself, I'll know for sure. My mom's been doing it for years.
3) The other day I was reading an article about the greenest person in Sacramento (the paper ran a month-long series on the topic). One of the people in the running was explaining how much they separate out for recycling in their household. I realized that even though I have been pulling out food boxes and such, I have been forgetting about paper towel rolls and TP rolls and the little boxes like the ones that medicines come in. Those are paper/cardboard too! Definitely a duh-moment.
Anyway, those are the kind of thoughts you are helping to provoke with your blog. Thanks!

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