Thursday, January 17, 2008

Organic food for your pet!

Dog lovers unite!
Pets can develop cancer much quicker than we can, and the biggest factor is their diet.
I found an interesting site called The Whole Dog Journal.
This led me to a list of organic and natural pet food and recommended ways to prepare your own food for your pet.

Then I found this great store!
I need to check it out. There is one near me.
Okay. I checked out Felix and Ocsar and boy did I learn a lot.

Most dog food is not organic. It is too expensive to do that, and if you really want pure organic food for your pet then you need to make your own food, basically share your organic food with your pet.

So, if you want to get PET FOOD, then you need to look for human grade meats in the food. By doing this, you know it is good quality and not diseased. The lady at the store said she has noticed that these types of pet food are much easier for the animals to digest. They make a great supplement to any food you make at home, and many people just feed their pets the dry food. A DDD sister recommended I mix the dry with regular food for best results.

There is no reason for the rest of the ingredients not to be organic, except for the cost. I took 6 samples home for the ultimate test. Ginger would have to like the food! This is what I did.
I laid out the 6 bags on the floor and had her sniff each one. Then I watched. She didn't scratch at any and just looked at me. (She wasn't understanding this test so we tried again.) I had her sniff at each one and then started pushing them around a little. She did the same and then I noticed she kept going to one bag.... California Natural. Ginger is actually from Wyoming and I'm from California, but I know she is a Californian at heart (she did live there for about 5 years.)
She ate that for dinner and the next morning...everything came out okay.

Now I looked up the other brands on the internet. Both Wellness and INNOVA came back with high ratings. The others had mixed ratings, and Timberwolf came back with some bad ratings. The reviews said the formula seemed to have changed, that the food looked paler in color, and come people called the company to ask about it. Some said the formula did change, but the bag still displayed the old ingredients... Also, I checked the Pet Food recall list. None of those products were on the list, but it did warn about venison in the food.

Ginger tried Wellness next. She seemed to like that one as well and everything was fine the next day. Both Wellness and California Naturals seemed to have simple ingredients, no fillers, and very few preservatives.

Then Ginger tried INNOVA. This is an interesting brand. It also includes other types of food, not just rice and chicken. It had a little alfalfa and dried cranberries. INNOVA made food that would be like the food your pet would find in the outdoors to give them the minerals they need and to aid in digestion. Ginger tried the Senior formula and SHE LOVED IT! She even had a little pep that night and the next morning. So, I bought her a bag, but she still has a bag of Purina One to finish up.
I'll let you know how she fairs with the new food next month.

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