Sunday, March 2, 2008

Mow your way to lower emissions?

Micro-managing? Good intentions? Unintended consequences? Is corn a bad thing?

A good vision, goal or law sets a goal and provides motivation; it should not tell you how to it. This rule of thumb was proven again when a law was passed in the US to produce ethanol from corn.

Pols Drunk On Corn-Based Ethanol Have Left Millions With Hangover

Unintended consequences abound when corn prices went up and food prices went up. A good economic analysis or even a quick sketch of a food chain could have foreseen this dilemma.

Please continue to push for the use of renewable energy sources, but don't tie it to one way of doing it because YOU know it works. Set the goal, and let the industry bring forward the right mix of alternatives. But, stay actively involved by setting achievable goals and keep pushing for them until they are achieved. Then be ready for the next round!

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