Sunday, March 23, 2008

Kick the Bottled Water Habit

The living machine at Oberlin College with a settlement tank in the foreground and filtering tanks in the background

Here is a great article with alternatives to bottled water.
Kick the Bottled Water Habit - New American Dream

If you live in an area where you do not have clean drinking water, there are ways you can get involved and clean up the water in your area. Start with your local city council and paper and then work your way up. You can even build a living machine in your own backyard and then spread the news!

You bring up a great point! Many of us take for granted that we have many sources of clean water in US, but that is not 100% true.

There are many places here and around that world that do not have clean drinking water.

There are still other options to bottled water such as these:

Bottled water needs to return to being a good way to occasionally get water to places that need it on a temporary basis, and not a water source unto itself.

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Dane Tannahill said...

Well done for spreading the word Janet.

I myself am doing a similar thing. I must admit my approach is a bit left field for most but, well, its logical to me. I'm big on encouraging myself and others to become their own "scientist", using their own observations of nature and experience to promote healthier ways, especially water. I suspect the problem is that water has always been so abundant that do not habitually question its quality or qualities as a real life giver. If you haven't already check out the work of Viktor Shauberger. Really really interesting. I promote some water products based on his research. He essentially observed water, quietly, in nature, for many years.

Let water live!


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