Sunday, March 30, 2008

Solids or liquids?

If I have to choose solid or liquid, I naturally pick the liquid.
Something about liquid is soothing and I tend to go with the flow.

But I am finding it's better to go solid. Solid shampoo that is. A solid shampoo is easier to travel with. Traveling by air you have the airport restrictions of claiming your little liquids in the little plastic baggies as you go through security, so I put the normal size bottle in in my luggage. My shampoo will inevitably burst open in my bag so I have to keep in in a plastic ziplock of it's own.
A solid shampoo is also smaller and easier to pack! Taking up less room in the luggage is always a plus.

But now I have a new quest...along with going green by ridding my closet of products, is to cut out the unnecessary plastic in my life.

Who knew the first step would be my Shampoo?

I read about this shampoo the other day and looked it up on the web. JR Liggett's is one of several non-liquid shampoos. One small bar lasts as long as 24 oz of bottled shampoo. Burt's Bees has one and so does Lush. JR Liggett's comes in a paper wrapper.

I figure with my long hair and because I exercise and wash my hair every day...I go through about 8 bottles of shampoo and 10 bottles of conditioner a year. 18 bottles a year and over 10 years, that adds up to a pile of 180 bottles from just shampoo and conditioner alone...and that's just me!

So instead of collecting a garage full of plastic bottles, I'll recycle the paper wrapper that the bar of biodegradable soap comes in.

What was old is new again.
My mom remembers when she was little and she had her cake of hair soap. How sweet :)
Now I have mine.

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