Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Waste=Food Imagine feeding your pet plastic...

Plastic Vortex

... that is what we are doing to the Albatross in the Pacific and to other animals.

An increase of plastic waste in the Pacific is putting birds and animals on the Midway Islands at risk.

Animals are mistaking our trash for food and it's killing their young. This report by the BBC shows how it effects the Albatross.
What can we do?

Be accountable! The trash stops here!
- Reduce your stuff - limit your purchases and recycle! Remember, everything you throw away doesn't just go to the becomes something or someone's food either by consumption or by breaking down and coming a part of our soil and water
- Help clean it up - Volunteer at your local beach, river and land clean up programs. Make it a goal to volunteer twice a year.
- Call your local government, businesses and groups - Get others involved! Local government can create laws that encourage companies to create biodegradable or recyclable products. Businesses and groups can help organize clean ups. Businesses can create non-toxic and biodegradable products or use them if they provide a service.
- Educate others - Pass the word on to others to be responsible for their waste.

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