Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Invest is decreasing emissions

Climate Change: What is your impact?

I try to do my part by taking the metro to work and minimally drive my car. May is ride your bike to work month, so I've scouted out a route to work which will take me about an hour to ride. I just need the weather to cooperate.

But how well am I doing? Here is another way to measure your carbon footprint and offset your current carbon output as you learn how you are effecting climate change.

Climate Change Calculator
I took the quiz and my household is doing pretty good. We contribute to about 1/2 the emission of an average 2 person household in the US, but a little over twice as much as the world average.

Take the quiz and see what you can do today! :)

1 comment:

CnH said...

I took the quiz for our 5 person household. We got a 58. The US average is 130. But the world average is 28.

I think I did something wrong. It seems low for our household. But I guess we do only have one commuter and he telecommutes 1 day a week and tries to only drive two days a week (takes the bus the other days). So maybe that low mile number factored in.

Anyway, just checking in with you!

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