Sunday, May 11, 2008

Sign the petition to get Clorox to take back their filters

Brita water filters are a great way to improve your drinking water, but the filters are just filling the land fills. Please help get Clorox to take back their water filters for recycling!

Send them your filters


Jarreau said...

I just wanted to pass on a Website, you may be interested, that had a booth at Boston's Earth Fest, called It's a Boston-based site that rates local businesses, stores, services, restaurants, etc based on how good they are but also how GREEN they are. The content is user generated, so users have control of all the reviews and guides. Its a pretty forward thinking site that I thought you may enjoy and pass on to people in the circle. Let me know what you think! Keep up the Good Work!

Janet @ UGOGRN said...

What a great site. Sometimes you think something is green and then when you dig down, you realize they have a ways to go. And other times, you are pleasantly surprised. Thanks for sharing this site!

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