Sunday, July 13, 2008

Commuting Habits

I've been meaning to start riding my bike to work to save on gas but most importantly to reduce my carbon output even more. (I ride a shuttle and metro to work.)
But, I find myself procrastinating and finding reasons why I'm not ready.

So, I'm taking a new tactic and it's working.
1. I talked to my co-workers about biking to work.
I have a few co-workers who do ride their bikes to work and they told me all of the good routes to take.
2. Plan the morning. I realized I have 14 mile ride so I will need to shower when I get to work. That means prepositioning my work clothes so I have less to carry with me on my bike. I also need to leave early enough in the morning. I already scoped out where to park my bike at the gym.
3. Tell others my plan. The more I tell others my plan, the more people ask me about it and remind me to just do it!
4. Check out my bike and take a test ride. Today it the day for me to do that. I set aside time to dust off the bike and find my way to the bike path. Once I get to the path it's a straight shot to work. I have my bike lock and reflector gear to wear so I should be good to go.
5. Now just do it! This week I'm going to give it a go. I said that last week, but I really mean it now! Ha!

So, if you see me this week, be sure to ask me if I make it to step 5!

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