Monday, July 14, 2008

Eating Your Words

So I'm online doing another search for non-toxic printer ink and I came across these sites: Icing Images
and KopyKake

Not only is this ink non-toxic but it's kosher! So the way it works is you buy a thin icing sheet that feeds into your printer like paper. You can then print out your image and it bonds to the icing on your cake. You have to check out the site to see all of the great cakes and cupcakes!

If you don't want to print them yourself you can send in a photo and they will print it and send it to you. I may do this sometime for a special occasion.

Now the cost of the ink is about $70 and you can do about 85 printouts with it. You will also want to have a dedicated printer for your food so you don't contaminate your icing sheets with standard printer ink which is not non-toxic.

I want to go non-toxic all the time! It costs about the same if I buy my ink at Staples, but if I knock-off ink online, it's about half that price.

What's next? Edible ink pens!

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