Thursday, August 7, 2008

Composter Chronicals

I figure I should give you all an update on my composter.

Yes, I still have it and yes, I moved it to the patio.

I am really happy about composting, but I am learning people are only interested in doing it if it doesn't smell. Now it didn't smell really bad, but it did have a distinctive odor when you opened the lid.

I did follow the directions which said to add baking soda if an odor is detected, and to make sure the compost is not watery by adding more fibrous materials. It even has a built in filter. The box worked really well as long as you didn't open the lid.
In fact everyone would clear out of the kitchen, even my dog Ginger (featured at the bottom of the webpage) when the lid was opened.

So although the consensus is that composting is good and we have less to put in the trash can, survey says "ERRRR!" to having the composter in the kitchen.

Notice in the photo, that you do not see the woman's face. Is it because she is holding her breath?

I still think the problem was not enough of the dry material. I started to add shredded paper and that seems to be working nicely. The last batch of compost was also wet and all of the website say it should be like dirt and smell earthy.

So the journey with the composter continues. But in the mean time, the plants are all doing well and the noses are all a bit happier.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

More great eco-inventions

Here is an interesting concept. Take your electrical appliances and add a hand crank to them. This was done with a blender. Now you don't need to worry where you energy is coming from, it's coming from you!

The video is pretty funny. Obviously the first guy has never made a margarita before.

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