Sunday, September 7, 2008

Errands by bike is the way to be!

I'm sooo excited about my bike ride today.
Hurricane Hanna blew through yesterday and left a beautiful day in it's wake.

Today I decided to do my errands by bike instead of the usually quick trip in the car. As I left my condo complex, I noticed the beautiful day. I had to take the sidewalk along a busy street, so I focused on the beautiful sky.

My first stop was to drop off some older summer outfits that I wasn't going to wear anymore. The panniers (I call them saddle-bags) worked great! I had 2 small trash bags sized bags of clothes to donate and rode up to the clothing dumpsters a few miles from my house. What a double whammy! Donating clothes and riding my bike.

So now, feeling especially good, I hit the road and traversed about 6 more miles of bike lanes and bike paths to my friend's house. I went over metro rails and by busy highways. I especially like riding by the people stopped in traffic, and riding over the freeway was also exhilarating.

After a nice rest stop I hit the road again, to drop off movies at Blockbuster. Then, back to the condo. The entire trip took about 2 hours because I was taking my time.

Now I not only feel like I got my errands done, but I feel refreshed after getting some exercise!

I can't wait to find more trails!

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