Saturday, November 15, 2008

Friday was Recycle Day.

In honor of recycle day I decided to make some handmade paper. I have never done this before so I thought is would be an interesting project.
I have always liked the look of handmade paper, especially the kind with flower pedals in it.

I of course bought a kit to do this. I am creative, but not creative enough to not buy a kit. :)
Here is the recipe I used:
2 cups water
2 hand fulls of shredded paper from my paper shredder.

You blend the paper until it becomes a pulp. It has a bluish tint from the ink.

The kit comes with a wooden frame with a screen and plastic grid strapped to it. You put the frame in a tube of water, with the water about 1/4 from the top of the frame. Then you poor the pulp into the frame. The pulp spreads and then you slowly lift the frame from the water. You then put the frame onto a cookie sheet and unstrap the frame and pull it away. The plastic grid then has the screen resting on it with a layer of pulp. You put a finer mesh screen on top of that and start pressing the water from it it with a sponge. Yes, this takes as long to do as it took you to read all of the this. Phew!

So now I have a thick piece of paper/pulp. You now transfer that to some thick paper that comes with the kit and you press the paper/pulp between the sheets to get out more water. Then if you are impatient you can iron the paper to get it dry.

Well my first page is as thick as light cardboard. But I did it!
I made 4 sheets today and the last one has rose pedals in it. I'm quite pleased with myself. Here is a better recipe to use.

2 cups of water
1 hand full of shredded paper
1 pinch of dryer lint

Dryer lint? Yes, dryer lint. I read that using a pinch of cotton pulp or dryer lint will keep the ink from running should you decide to use this as actual paper. The kit even comes with a form for making matching envelopes.

My entire project took 2 hours for 4 pieces of paper to include clean up time.
Look out! I think I may do this for Christmas presents this year.

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