Sunday, November 30, 2008

Greening my church

It's about being good stewards of the earth, and that is a path that my church is taking.

There are a lot of environmentally conscious people who attend my church, however, our building is far from being green building and we don't have a sustainability plan. When I was asked if I was interested in helping to find ways to green our church I jumped at the chance!

My church had previously attended a meeting at the Greater Washington Interfaith Power and Light. Greater Washington Interfaith Power and Light (GWIPL) is a non-profit initiative that helps congregations, religious institutions and others in the Washington, DC area work for a more just, sustainable and healthier creation by reducing the threat of global warming. I learned a lot about what we can do not just to improve our building, but education programs and sermons that tie sustainable living to stewardship of creation. This really struck a chord in me so I asked about how to get things started at my church.

First thing that the group offered was for us to have an Energy Assessment done of our building. The building was started in 1952 with additions in the 60s and 70s. So, there are a lot of improvements that can be made. Our audit took place on the 23rd of November so we will get a complete write up in a few weeks.

Next it was recommended I get a small committee together that will look at the assessment and the other ministries and programs in the church and start educating them on sustainable choices. GWIPL offers information to use on their website and will also come and instruct in the church. This is also a network of other local churches that are doing their best to go green so we can share ideas.

I am so excited about the possibilities and what we can do in this area. I'm praying that this will take hold with a good committee and that my church can make a positive contribution to the local neighborhoods.

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