Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Having fun reducing my footprint

I've been away from the computer for the holidays, but I'm back and have lots to share!

Green Holiday

Not only has my Christmas been green because of no snow this winter, but because I found ways to reuse and recycle! Here are some of the things I did this Christmas, please add your comments to let me know what you did.
- Christmas cards- I only sent out about 15 this year. I did photos and sent them in recycled paper envelopes. The rest of my holiday greetings were done via the computer.
- Decorations - I bought no new decorations this year. I reused the ones from last year in new ways. This year, since I live in an apartment, I just decorated the mantle and living room. We have many families in my area that can't afford decorations for the holidays. My church did a collection and gave them out to the families the week before Christmas. What a great way spread holiday cheer!
- Gifts - All of the gift exchanges I participated in this year were white elephant gift exchanges. It was so much fun seeing the crazy re-gifting. If the item was really odd, there was usually a $5 starbucks card taped to the bottom of it. :) Also, a fun way to wrap presents is using fabric. I attached some fun and unique ways to wrap with fabric. If you don't have great handkerchiefs or fabrics at home go out to the thrift stores and find some old holiday prints!
- Party dishes - I've been charged to provide the side or vegetable for most of the holiday parties I have attended. So, my dish this year is a roasted root dish. Cut up some organic turnips, celery, parsnips, sweet potatoes, etc.; coat with olive oil; salt and pepper and then bake it on a cookie sheet for 50 min -- stirring once. Yum! You have to try this! I bring my dish in a reusable container! No disposables for the land fill. :)
- Alternative Gifts - Instead of getting some of my relatives another thing to put in their homes I sent an alternative gift of a donation. For example: I donated $20 to Habitat for Humanity and gave them a card that I made using a Habitat for Humanity theme and noted I gave a donation in their name. Many of my older relatives that already have everything they want really appreciate those types of gifts.

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