Monday, February 23, 2009

Environmental Stewardship

A few months ago I started working with my church to get it to GO GREEN.

This all started when my Pastor used my license plate in his sermon. He was talking about "getting the message" and used environmental awareness as an example. I was listening intently when he mentioned that topic and to my surprise he said something like...and one of our members of the congregation even put it on her car: UGOGRN...she gets it! This wasn't the main point of his sermon of course, but for me...well that was my in.

After that I volunteered to attend a meeting of the Greater Washington Interfaith Power and Light. Over the next month I arranged an Energy Audit of our church. It took a few months to get the results back and the team back together, but now we are making plans for building improvements which is a tremendous beginning.

If you are interested in checking on our progress you can view it here:

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