Sunday, May 10, 2009

New location...newgogrn

Lots has happened since my last blog so i'll start with the end...i'm moving to Mississippi!

So, in the UGOGRN style, i am thinking hard about how to stay green while i'm in this transition.

Steps to a Green Move.
1. Think recycle! - I'm cleaning out the closets and instead of throwing anything away i'm recycling and donating whatever i can. I've seemed to have accumulated a lot of cardboard boxes, small ones, smaller than a shoe box. I think i was thinking of using them as gift boxes, but now i only see them being packed in more boxes. So off they go to the recycling dumpster!

2. Think reuse! - I'm finding homes for everything that i no longer need, and cannot take apart to recycle. Some things i've given to friends, like books and magazines that my friends have said they would like to read. I gave my mom a blouse that I no longer wear, but she is moving too so I just added to her box of clothes. (oops!)
My sorority alumni does a huge garage sale each year. Proceeds go to Children's Hospital and to scholarships. That is a great place for me to donate items.

3. Waste=Food - I am bound to have to throw somethings away. But i need to remember what i put in the landfill may stay in the landfill. I still need to think if i can recycle the item instead of throwing it in the garbage. I have started a pile of items that can be taken to the hazardous material collection point like old paint and batteries. I also have some electronics that I found in a box that are too old for someone else to use..sorry handspring trio! That old thing will need to go to an electronics collection point. I also have a lot of house plants. Those have been going to friends and neighbors as going away gifts. I go away and they get a gift...what a great twist!

4. Clean green - After moving out, i will need to clean the apartment to get my security deposit back. So, i will use non-toxic cleaning supplies to do the job. I use Shaklee products, but there are many products around like Seventh Generation that are non-toxic.

After i make my move, i'll redecorate the site as well as my new home...which is Leeds certified!
I'm moving on to an Air Force base and the new housing is all Leeds certified housing. I'm so proud that the Services are so environmentally aware now.

I'll try to keep posting while I move. It will be fun to do green reports from the road!

More moving tips: HGTV's Frontdoor
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