Sunday, August 23, 2009

Gorgeous gardening

Let's take Going Green literally today and apply it to the back patio.

About a month after moving to Mississippi, the community held a "garden party". A local landscaper brought in plants and low-water shrubs to teach us about garden care.

The first 50 people would get a free garden hose and petunias.

I, of course, went and got my petunias for the front yard and since I already had hoses, they gave me a free sprinkler. They had all sorts of plants on display. The soil here is mostly sand so there were a lot of grass varieties that you would find on the beach. They also had some standard flowers that grow well in full sun in pots.

Before I left they asked me to sign up for a drawing. They were giving out these tall spindly stalks to a few homes. They said they would bloom, but the guy couldn't remember what the plant was called, unusual I thought since he was representing a landscaping company. But I don't remember the company's name, so I can't hold it against him.

Anyway, I won one of these plants and put it in my backyard. Well, the wind came and blew it over once, so I moved it to against the house. I gave it water and some fertilizer and one morning I walked out to the sight above. I grabbed the camera and then looked up the plant on the internet.

I had won an Angel Trumpet.
It blooms at night and closes during the day.
It has a wonderful sweet smelling fragrance.

Well, now I have a reason to enjoy the back patio at night and in the early morning. I get to see the Angel Trumpet in full bloom. Who knew that going green would smell so sweet?

Saturday, August 15, 2009


I just watched an amazing moving called Home.

It has beautiful cinematography that captures the beauty of our planet. It also shows what is happening to the planet today.

After watching I feel a greater need to reduce my footprint and I have an idea...

Most Americans love to get something new. But why does new have to mean manufactured and fresh from the factory. Why can't new be something new to you, or repurposed, or a new creation from something old. You see this a lot in art but not so much with household items. I'm not talking resold like in a thrift shop. I'm talking recreated like the items on this website: Uncommon Goods

I also feel the strong need to Act Local and Think Global more than ever. What if every community could sustain itsself? Each community has its own organic farm and local livestock. Each community had its own crafters. You have your own sources of energy and trade would be out of variety, not necessity. The Amish have it right in some respects but I don't mean to go back before electricity.

Definitely something to think about. Watch the movie and let me know what thoughts you have.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Hello from Mississippi!

I am now writing to you from the beautiful state of Mississippi! Now that I have relocated, I have lots to share about my eco-journey, the many twists and turns, but today I'm sharing my need for a guest bed.

Now that I'm set up in a house rather than an apartment, I now have the room to properly host a guest! However, I move often and do not want a lot of new furniture to populate this room.

I'll be able to decorate the room with stuff I already have, but the centerpiece, the main reason for the room is missing. I need a bed! I looked at many alternatives, sleeper couches, futons, tatamis, air mattresses. All were good, but didn't have the eco theme that I am trying to create. What I need should either be reused or if it's new it is created sustainably.

After days of surfing on the web, I found my solution! Northern naturals makes a great mattress out of sustainable materials that I can put directly on the floor and fold up and keep in the closet when not in use. This makes perfect sense for moving around and is a great sustainable product made in Vermont.
I feel good about this purchase on many levels.
My mattress will arrive in a week and I'll post a photo of the finished room.

The Futon arrived! It's a very pretty red color. I have it folded to the side of the room right now with the comforter on top of it. I have a fitted sheet that I used to use on a full size bed and two pillows that are in the brown chest which I found for $18 at a thrift store. I tried the futon out and it's very comfortable. I don't know why I spent twice as much for my current queen size mattress and box spring. I think I'll make a simple window covering to pull it all together and wha-la!

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