Sunday, August 23, 2009

Gorgeous gardening

Let's take Going Green literally today and apply it to the back patio.

About a month after moving to Mississippi, the community held a "garden party". A local landscaper brought in plants and low-water shrubs to teach us about garden care.

The first 50 people would get a free garden hose and petunias.

I, of course, went and got my petunias for the front yard and since I already had hoses, they gave me a free sprinkler. They had all sorts of plants on display. The soil here is mostly sand so there were a lot of grass varieties that you would find on the beach. They also had some standard flowers that grow well in full sun in pots.

Before I left they asked me to sign up for a drawing. They were giving out these tall spindly stalks to a few homes. They said they would bloom, but the guy couldn't remember what the plant was called, unusual I thought since he was representing a landscaping company. But I don't remember the company's name, so I can't hold it against him.

Anyway, I won one of these plants and put it in my backyard. Well, the wind came and blew it over once, so I moved it to against the house. I gave it water and some fertilizer and one morning I walked out to the sight above. I grabbed the camera and then looked up the plant on the internet.

I had won an Angel Trumpet.
It blooms at night and closes during the day.
It has a wonderful sweet smelling fragrance.

Well, now I have a reason to enjoy the back patio at night and in the early morning. I get to see the Angel Trumpet in full bloom. Who knew that going green would smell so sweet?

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