Sunday, September 20, 2009

Pure Wine-ing

I did some wine shopping today. Nothing special, but I wanted a red and a white to have in the ready at home. While perusing the aisle in this small package store, I could not find an organic wine. Why was this important to me all of a sudden? I love all wines, but I watched a great movie about where our food comes from (which will be in another post), and I was re-enlightened about the use of pesticides and chemicals in agriculture.

So when I got home I went on-line to look for some organic wines. I learned new terms such as bio-dynamic, vegan and NSA no-sulfites added.
It's not just about how the grapes are grown but how the wine is crafted.
The best place that I found to get a wide selection of organic and bio-dynamic wines is on . They have an organic section and Organic Wine club.

I'm not quite ready to join a club, but I do feel more knowledgible about organic wines and will continue to look for them in the local stores. However, this would make a good gift! wink wink :)

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