Wednesday, January 20, 2010

There really are gaters here...

This place is a little closer to home. It's the Davis Bayou in Ocean Springs, Mississippi. This is a nice spot with a bike loop and walking paths.

Yes, that is a gater! We came upon that driving up to the walking trail. The trail was on the opposite side of the road, thank goodness. There was also a turtle nearby sunning himself.

This is a great place for bird watching as well. I think this is an egret. It could be a heron, I'm not sure. There was a heron with it earlier but it flew away.

What really caught my eye were the blankets of grasses. I can just imagine all of the marine life that lives in there. This is a place that I want to visit again.

1 comment:

hammackl said...

Janet, Looks like we share an interest. Jennifer and I love hiking out at Davis (and Stark) Bayou. I have pictures of this same gator on my facebook page. Cheers!

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