Saturday, August 28, 2010

Gardening galore

I'm very excited. I have a composting bin!

Yes, I finally got the bin I have wanted to get since I moved to a house with a good size yard.

I'm very excited about this particular composter because it's made completely of recycled plastic. I actually found it on sale at Lowes. It's a very simple one, and is really just a place to store your clippings and garbage in a way the wildlife cannot get to it.

So far I have thrown in my garden clippings and some garbage. Next I will start putting my shredded paper in there instead of taking to the recycling center. I am looking forward to creating some great soil that I can put around my plants and bushes this winter!

Composting is not pretty so I'm including some shots of my small garden. The eggplants, basil and hot peppers took off and have been amazing! However the rain has been heavy so the tomatoes didn't turn out so well. Enjoy!

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