Saturday, December 4, 2010

A UGOGRN Holiday Decorations


These great ornaments were made out of paper bags!
You will need 6-8 paper bags. The size of the flower depends on the size of the bag.

First cut out the bottom of the bag.
Next lay the bag flat with the top of the bag facing up; cut the top edges of your bag to form a "bullet" shape.
Do this to all of your bags.

Next punch a whole in the bottom of the bag and attach a string. Tie the string loosely to allow the bags to move.

Carefully glue the bottom quarter of the bags together and allow to dry.

Then take the tip of the top bag and pull it around to the tip of the bottom bag; opening the flower. Tape or staple the "petals" together and hang!


You can never go wrong with flowers as a gift. Poinsettias are great for the season. Watch for sales at your home and garden store or grow your own!
Find fun holiday pots at thrift store or decorate your own pot to your liking.
Friends and family can transplant these plants into their yards after the holidays or put them in a larger pot to continue to grow!


Here is a fun and easy decoration to spruce up your presents. Cut out a gingerbread man out of an old cardboard box. You can then draw a face, add clothes, etc. They make great gift tags or embellishments to your packages. Plus you can rip it up when you are done and compost it!

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