Friday, October 28, 2011

Winter Hair Beware!

The problem
Yes, I'm a Leo and I care about my hair! In my shower and under my sink you will find a ton of hair care products. Not ECO GROOVY! So, last month I looked into finding a shampoo and conditioner that will not dry out my hair and fits better into my eco-conscious lifestyle.

Living on the coast, it's not such a big deal. The humidity is there and keeps the moisture in my hair. Living in the high country of the midwest my hair dries out in an instant! Adding oils just makes it dried out and oily looking.

So I went online, read reviews and watched other women on You-Tube with the same issues. From the search I discovered Hair One hair cleanser.

It's sulfate free and is a cleanser and conditioner. I've been using it for a month now and no longer need to use my deep conditioning conditioner, leave in conditioner and night hair conditioner.
The proof? My husband no longer tells me I look like Monfils in the morning. :)

The savings
Now I calculate my savings.
By switching to Hair One for my cleansing and conditioning needs, I can stop using:
Natures Gate Shampoo $5
Natures Gate Conditioner $5
Nexus Split End repair $11.50
Aveda Sun Care After Sun Masque $25
Roots of Nature Shea Butter $5
Total $51.50 every 3 months

Hair One $12-$15 depending on the scent

Total Savings!!! About $36 per quarter or $144 per year!

I'm also saving the cost of plastic.
Instead of 20 plastic bottles, I'm only using 4 per year!

The best way to lessen the environmental impact is to Reduce the Use!

What am I doing with the unused conditioners?
- Conditioning my leather boots, jacket and purse

- Conditioning my dog Lucy

I hope this gets you interested in shrinking your footprint!

See more!

Human Impact: Synthetic Sea "plastic in the open ocean"

Monday, October 24, 2011

Pumpkins are not just for jack o lanterns!

I love finding new ways to make gifts, and the more organic the better! During the month of October a great gift can be a carved pumpkin.

Here are two pumpkins that I carved after watching the pumpkin carving challenge on Food Network. (Isn't it funny how sitting on your couch, you can watch professionals creating masterpieces and you think...I can do that.)

4 hours later...
The eagle is made by thinning out the rind of the pumpkin. I gave it to a friend who was promoted to Colonel in the US Air Force. I used an Exacto knife, paring knife and a lemon zester. It took 2 tea light candles to light this puppy up, so next time I'll keep scraping to make the rind thinner.

My hubby is a Saints fan so I made this after the Saints beat the Colts 60 something to 7. Geaux Saints! To make this simple lantern I drew on the logo, used an Exacto knife and paring knife and then went back over the outline with a black marker.

Now, go out and create your own masterpiece!

Cool Crafting

I'm going craft crazy!
Along with carving bio-degradable pumpkins.... I've continued my need to make new things out of old! I splurged and bought a Cricut. With this I'm able to create some very spiffy new items from old.

Below is an example of what will be a Happy Birthday sign and cheesecake decoration for my hubby. I used blue craft paper craps and an old calendar. This machine cuts so precisely, what was old really looks new!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Apps are where it's at!

I have an iPhone. For those fellow smart phone owners I'm sure that you will agree that apps are just cool. For those non smart phone users, and I know you are out there, an app is short for an application. I like to think of it as a mini software program that does amazing things.
Here are a couple apps that I want to share with you, that you may want to check out.

Fooducate is a cool program that lets you scan the barcode of a food product. It then pulls up the nutrition label and gives the item a rating of A to F. For example, I scanned my milk, Silk Almond Milk. It gave it a grade of A-. It received a - because the Vanilla flavored one has 4tsp of sugar per serving. I also scanned a Kashi snack bar and it got a C+. What is really cool is that it provides a list of alternative snacks that are healthier. In this case it recommended a banana or some trail mix.

This is a great app that helps with deciding on if you should by organic. One major reason that many people to not buy organic fruits and vegetables is cost. The organics are just more expensive, which I think is funny since they are saving money in not having to buy pesticides, but I digress. With this app you can look up a piece of produce and it gives you an opinion on whether or not it is safe to not go organic. It also has a nice map feature which lists your local farmers markets.

So enjoy the apps and enjoy getting better educated on what you are ingesting!

Saturday, July 30, 2011

UGOGRN goes Colorado!

(view from Pikes Peak)

UGOGRN is now in Colorado Springs, Colorado!

I relocated here about 2 months ago now and the family is loving it! The views here are spectacular and the air is clear. But the rocky mountain high becomes bothersome after awhile...the air here is so thin! Soon we will be acclimated and can enjoy the sites.
Close up of the pines on Pikes Peak. Beautiful!

While in Manitou be sure to visit the Adams Mountain Cafe. It's know for it's slow food and all natural ingredients. I just call it great food!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Joys of Juicing

Happy juicer sitting at home on the counter.

A couple months ago I delved into juicing. Here is my review...

I absolutely love my juicer. I am new to juicing and read all of the reviews before selecting this model and I'm very happy with it.

The first week I got my juicer, I used it everyday juicing just about every vegetable and fruit in the refrigerator. Carrots, lettuce, celery, apples, potatoes and parsley! (Parsley if very green and bitter.) When you juice fibrous items like celery, it can build up a little in the tube, but that is what the brush tool is for.

My favorite juice is 2 pears, 1/4 cucumber, 1 sweet potato and 1 orange.

Cleaning is a snap. I run water through the juicer first to get all of the juice out, then I pop the top off and take it to the sink. It's easy to rinse the pieces with soapy water and it all fits in the drain board. (Be sure to use the brush on all of the pieces to get any residual fiber off.) I come back later and wipe off any excess water and the put it all back together to store. Very easy.

I even tried running frozen fruits and a frozen banana through it to make frozen smoothies. It was a little messy but fun to do and delicious!

With this juicer I can get an extra serving of organic fruits and veggies each day. Yeah!

JUICER UPDATE!  - March 2012
It's been a year and my juicer is going strong! I love how it's so easy to clean and gets all the juice out of the fruits and vegetables.   I really think this is the best value of a juicer that is out on the market.

Now I'm juicing with a purpose.   Not only does it make delicious drinks, but I'm learning how I get more nutrients from the food by juicing it and letting my body quickly absorb it.
Daily juices:
1. 2 oranges (removed peel)
2. 1 apple (remove seeds)/3 carrots
3. Green juice- a mix of 2 kale leafs, 2 leafs of rainbow chard, 1 piece of celery, and 1 apple (remove seeds) to cut the "green" taste. :)

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Re-purposed Art

If you haven't noticed I put a new link on my blog. It goes to Etsy where you can find some of the art my mom and I create.

Re-purposed Cardboard

One thing you will find is some boxes and matching cards that I made out of old calendars, cereal boxes, pizza boxes and beer boxes.

Re-purposed Plastic Bags
The next thing I'm really excited to delve into is re-purposing those horrid plastic bags that you find drifting down the street and in trees. I just read up on how to fuse the plastic so you can create your own "fabric". From there you can can sew it into anything.

Coming soon! A new line of something baggy!

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