Thursday, January 13, 2011

Re-purposed Art

If you haven't noticed I put a new link on my blog. It goes to Etsy where you can find some of the art my mom and I create.

Re-purposed Cardboard

One thing you will find is some boxes and matching cards that I made out of old calendars, cereal boxes, pizza boxes and beer boxes.

Re-purposed Plastic Bags
The next thing I'm really excited to delve into is re-purposing those horrid plastic bags that you find drifting down the street and in trees. I just read up on how to fuse the plastic so you can create your own "fabric". From there you can can sew it into anything.

Coming soon! A new line of something baggy!


Sandra said...

HAD to let you know. Dad and I are embarking on the adventure called "Square Foot Gardening." Yesterday we both bought compost tumblers! Hoping for better tasting vegetables, less spent at the commissary, AND that much less food that has to be trucked to us... -Sandra

Janet @ UGOGRN said...

That is so cool! Send me pictures!

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