Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Apps are where it's at!

I have an iPhone. For those fellow smart phone owners I'm sure that you will agree that apps are just cool. For those non smart phone users, and I know you are out there, an app is short for an application. I like to think of it as a mini software program that does amazing things.
Here are a couple apps that I want to share with you, that you may want to check out.

Fooducate is a cool program that lets you scan the barcode of a food product. It then pulls up the nutrition label and gives the item a rating of A to F. For example, I scanned my milk, Silk Almond Milk. It gave it a grade of A-. It received a - because the Vanilla flavored one has 4tsp of sugar per serving. I also scanned a Kashi snack bar and it got a C+. What is really cool is that it provides a list of alternative snacks that are healthier. In this case it recommended a banana or some trail mix.

This is a great app that helps with deciding on if you should by organic. One major reason that many people to not buy organic fruits and vegetables is cost. The organics are just more expensive, which I think is funny since they are saving money in not having to buy pesticides, but I digress. With this app you can look up a piece of produce and it gives you an opinion on whether or not it is safe to not go organic. It also has a nice map feature which lists your local farmers markets.

So enjoy the apps and enjoy getting better educated on what you are ingesting!

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