Sunday, January 15, 2012

Eco fun winter outings

What do you want to do today?

That is the question that can drive some people nuts, especially when they have no idea as to what they want to do.

We were looking for some family events to that turned out to be great ways to learn about our local area!

The Royal Gorge
We live an hour from this beautiful ravine called the Royal Gorge. They have a little theme park there that is open in the summer months. You can ride on the carousel and eat funnel cake. But not in the winter! In the winter, the only thing open is the beauty of the gorge with very few distractions.

Taken from the sky train that spans across the gorge.

On the other side of the gorge there is a little petting zoo and pens where you can see live elk and bison.

The walk across the bridge is also breathtaking and not too strenuous...even Mom did it!

Cave of the Winds
Another great place to see that was about 30 minutes away is the Cave of the Winds.
Here you can see some small stalactites and stalagmites, cave coral and other rock formations. It is not a huge cave, but a great place for your beginner spelunkers. They also offer a lantern tour for those who really love small, dark places.
The cave is well lit with spot lights that enhance the natural beauty.

The cave has been dug out over the years and stairs and handrails were added. Because of this the dry air from outside has entered the cave so the formations will no longer grow. One of the workers wanted this line of a poem inscribed on the walls in compensation for his many years of work excavating the cave.

Fun at home
Sometimes you can find fun right in your own yard! We moved here in June so this is our first Colorado winter. The unique dry, powder like snow is great for making snow angels and snowmen. You can even create eat your own snow cones with the fresh fallen snow!

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