Monday, January 9, 2012

New Year! New Green ideas!

Happy New Year! It's so exciting to start a new year. I love looking back through pictures to see what we did and then make plans for the coming year.

It made me realize that I have so much to blog about, but have not set aside the time to do it, so now I can spend the month of January hitting some of the missed news from 2011. :)

The best way to recap, in my opinion, is to start backward from today. So my my first recap topic is on our lovable furry friends, our dogs! Yes, I said dogs! We now have 2, Lucy the schnauzer and Aspen the terrier-poodle.

Aspen joined us Christmas eve. We adopted him from the Humane Society . They have from the outside, one of the best facilities I have ever seen. It is very family friendly and you can tell their goal is to get animals into good homes. The process was very easy. They have a great website that they keep very up to date. You can browse the animals that are currently there and see a short bio on them. Then when you go you can ask to visit with the animal. Once you decide you are ready to adopt, they have one form you fill out and they load your information into the computer. Then you can leave that day with the animal!

Aspen has been a joy, but he did experience Kennel Cough. We had to get antibiotics for Aspen, and we caught it quickly enough that Lucy did not pick it up. Aspen is on Science Diet. That is what the vet was feeding him and so we bought a bag to continue his diet during the transition. Lucy eats Blue for senior dogs which we can get at PetsMart. I really like the mix of vegetables and minerals included with the rice. Another good brand is Innova. For a 10 year old, she has a lot of energy and she is not plump like some dogs her age. (Well she did gain 2 pounds over the holidays because she got some extra dog treats. Her favorite snack is usually a piece of carrot!)

Lucy had her own issues with her on-going battle with gum disease. She has had issues since the day I adopted her. At this visit she had 19 teeth pulled. (She already had 8 pulled previously when we lived in Mississippi.) I'm happy to report she is recovering well, and the tooth loss has not effected her appetite. :)

Dogs are great, and if you can, please consider getting them from a rescue or the humane society. Those animals need a home and the cost to you is very small compared to buying one at a store or a breeder. You will find that a mixed breeds from the pound can have a great disposition and make a great life long companion!

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