Saturday, January 21, 2012

Wonderful weaves!

Recycle Knitting

One of the projects we did over winter break was some knitting! Thanks to Claudine Niski for sending us hoops and getting us "hooked"!

This was the large hoop using two large bags from Goodwill and a black garbage bag. I made the hook and knot from braiding some left over bags.

This small bag was made from a black garbage bag, the blue bag your newspaper comes in and some clear produce bags. The strap was made from black bag strips fused with an iron. The cool button was from our button box!
This hat was not made of plastic, but I used the leftover yarn from another project. I used a knit 2/pearl 2 pattern. The flower on the hat was made from yellow telephone book plastic bags, leftover black garbage bag, a white and a brown grocery bag.
This cool clutch was make from 5 grocery bags, alternating colors. I lined it with some scrap cotton.  It makes me think of a casual day at the beach!

I made this acorn satchel using three plastic Target bags, two yellow bags and three tan shopping bags. I tied it off with a dark blue ribbon that has some light wire in it, and finished it with some fun pins!

The small bag and flower can easily be done in a couple hours.  Larger bags take about 4 hours and the hat took about 6 hours.  I made all of these using a knitting loom.

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