Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Benefits from acupuncture

I'm on my third month now of acupuncture treatments.  The treatments are for fertility but also for pain in my knees.   I've noticed some amazing results in my overall health.   Before I go into those,  if you have never done acupuncture, here is a little summary of what to expect.

When you first go see an acupuncturist, they assess your health a lot different than a traditional doctor.  Along with the list of your ailments and health history, they will ask you about your daily discomforts. Do you sleep well, do you have cold feet and hands...?   They will also look at your tongue and take your pulse.  When they check your tongue it's not to check the tonsils, but to see what your tongue looks like! It can show signs of your kidney, spleen and liver not working quite right.  Checking your pulse is not to count the beats per minute what to assess how strong or weak your pulse is.  It assess your blood flow.

When I was assessed my acupuncturist said my body seemed to experiencing a lot of stress, and that I held my tension in the middle of my body.  She asked me to be mindful of that and to take breaks and breathe deeply.  She then said I was low on Blood and that it was Stagnant! Ugh!  She meant it in the Chinese medicine definition, but the visual was still awful.  So she encouraged me to add lean red meat into my diet, apricots and almonds.  Also I started to take an herb blend called Ren Chong and another called Yuon to build up my blood at the beginning of the month and to nourish my liver, kidney and spleen.  I also received acupuncture treatments twice a week.

After the first month I started to feel more relaxed.  I didn't realize how tense my body was until she said something.  My sleep was deeper again, and I began to wake up rested.  Off and on, but feet are warming up.  Sometimes I don't need to sleep with socks!  I noticed during the second month that my gums were healthier.  I had an accident about 10 years ago that damaged my teeth and gums, and they have been receding.  Now they are a healthy plump pink again and I can floss without discomfort.  Next I noticed my skin clearing up.  I had brown spots from years of being on the pill.  Those spots are fading and are gone from my right cheek and fading from the left side of the face.  This month is my first month PMS free...ever!

My knees are much better. The dull ache I had is gone.  I still have a torn meniscus in my left knee which needs to be repaired through surgery, but I find walking much easier again! 
This sounds like I was a wreck before I started acupuncture, but I considered myself very fit and healthy!

I just started taking Synthroid and have only taken it for a month. I'll need to wait another month to give you the effects of that.  I'm excited to share this health journey!

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