Sunday, March 4, 2012

Organic nutrition!

The past few weeks we've been watching food documentaries at home.   I've never lived on a farm so it's so fascinating to learn where our food comes from.  It can also be disturbing when  you see the massive farms and dairies that produce bulk foods. 

One particular documentary was really good:  FoodMatters 

I knew organic was good for you because the food was raised without pesticides, but I didn't realize the nutritional value of organic vs. mass produced food. Even though the organic apple may look smaller, it is packed with more nutrition than the big non-organic apple.

I also knew vitamins were important, but didn't realize how important.  I thought since I ate a lot of non-processed foods, I was getting most of my vitamins from the food I ate.  But since I wasn't eating all organic foods, the vegetables and fruits were still lacking in the minerals and vitamins that are needed.  I've also been taking herbs to help with getting my cycle regular and to help with fertility.  What I've come to realize is that my body is lacking a lot of nutrients and that is why my effort to feed my body the nutrients it needs is going so slowly!

So this weekend we stocked the fridge with organic fruits and veggies and no-hormone eggs and beef.   Along with our meals I juiced carrots, apples and a sweet potato for a snack.

For vitamin supplements I'm taking a prenatal multi-vitamin, folic acid, fish oil, and an echinacea  blend because I had a small head cold.
For herbs I'm taking two types of Chinese herbs, Ren to nurture my heart, kidney, liver and spleen.  Then in the second half of the month I'm taking an herb to move and build blood.
I'm also drinking a cup of green tea each day in place of a morning cup of coffee. 

I know that filling my days with these nutrients will help me fight off colds and  diseases and get me back on the right track for a long and healthy life!  

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