Saturday, June 16, 2012

Pondering ProBiotics

My acupuncturist a few months back noted that I could probably use a probiotic in my diet.  My tongue was usually coated, but I had gone through such dramatic changes in my diet that I had no idea how to approach a probiotic.

After coming back from our cruise and learning about detox, I started looking into probiotics.  The basics are that these live cultures can work in your digestive system to help break down the foods and to help your liver process the toxins.  I read the best kind of probiotics are the ones in the capsules that give you the option of breaking it open and using the powder.   Websites also suggested getting one that is kept in your grocers refrigerated section, and one that contained more than 10 billion live cultures.

So I went to Sunflower Market and found about 40 different kinds of probiotics! Ahhh!
Probiotic overload.  Unfortunately for my husband he was shopping with me and had to wait as I quickly read through the labels to find the one that is gluten free and no fillers.  I settled upon this brand.  RAW  It was about mid-range in price and seemed to have a good mix of what I may need.

Well...I'm on week 2 of taking these and I'm not noticing a major difference.  I'm putting one capsule in my smoothie in the mornings,  I take one when I get home from work and one at night before going to bed.  The one at night I break open into a cup of water.  I do find that it cleanses my palate, however, my tongue is still has that coated appearance.   I'll keep taking them for a month and see if my digestion improves.

I've been pretty hard on my liver over the years.  From processed foods, cocktails and shots, ibuprofen and acetaminophen; I've made my liver work overtime!  My organs almost quit on me once!  So, now it's time to be good to the gallbladder, loving to my liver and kind to my kidneys.

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