Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Is Cacao Evil?

Are cacao nibs evil? I think they can be.

I've learned so much about "super foods" lately.  These are gems of raw food that are packed tightly with amazing nutrition.  One of the super foods I've learned about lately is cacao.

Cacao is the precursor to chocolate.  You can get them in chopped up bits.
Cocoa mix is make by blending the nibs to a find powder and adding sugar and either milk powder or a non-dairy fake milk powder.   

What I have found is by eating the raw nibs you get the great dark chocolate taste without the sugar, and you get the benefits of antioxidants and magnesium found in raw cacao.  You also get a chocolate buzz!

But be careful!  I started adding this to my morning smoothie AND my energy bars.  I love the zing from eating the cacao but after a week my gums started getting irritated.....yes.....I was ingesting too much cacao! 

After about a week of not eating cacao my gums went back to normal.  Whew!

So with anything, eat in moderation.  Don't do like I did and OD on cacao.  But if you do, at least you know that it is recoverable.

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