Sunday, September 23, 2012

From Shampoo to No Poo!

Fall is here.  The mornings are colder and the afternoons are still hot, which make my hair dry and frizzy.  I've tried everything from the high-end products to natural products and one thing I haven't tried is no products.  That is right!

So before I got started I did a little research on the internet about hair care.  I found several You-tube videos and websites about going No-Poo.  Which is no shampoo.
There are some people that go from just using conditioner to those that only use water and once a week an apple cider vinegar rinse.  Others have recipes for hair masks to deep condition their hair.
Here is one of the sites that has recipes.

Since my hair is dry, I'm going to try the vinegar rinse once or twice a week.  My hair doesn't get really greasy if I let it go a few days so I may not need the baking soda cleanse.

I'll also try the coconut oil deep conditioner once a week.  I did it this morning when I got up.
I put about 2 tablespoons of coconut oil in a cleaned out shampoo bottle and mixed it with a little hot water to melt the oil.  Then I squirted it in my hair in the shower.  My hair seemed to immediately soak it up and it felt thick and heavy.  At the end of my shower I rinsed it really well, but it still felt stuck in my hair.  After towel drying it I combed it out without a tangle and blow dried it.  I was so glad to see it fluff out a little as it dried.  It feels soft and it's like I added a leave-in conditioner.  It is also "piece-y" like I used some pomade on the ends.

I found out if I really want to get fancy I can make or buy herbal infused vinegars.  It looks like they soaks the herbs in the vinegar water mix and then strain it so you won't get twigs in your hair. Hair Rinses 

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