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How many fruits and veggies do I need to eat each day?

How many fruits and veggies do I need to eat each day?

You often hear that you need to eat fruits and vegetables but how much do we need to eat?
Can you get fat eating all of those carbs?

According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, they recommend 4-4.5 cups per day for women and up to 6 cups per day for men. 

Now this amount is for healthy adults.  I checked the Gerson Therapy site for people who are sick with cancer or other major illnesses.   They recommend 15-20 pounds of produce...which equates to over 40 cups of fruits and vegetables a day!

So how do you consume all of this produce?  One way is a green smoothie which was described in an earlier blog, as well as, juicing.

Another way is to do a little pre-planning!  You can easily have a salad a day, all week, with little preparation on the weekend.

7 quart sized glass or BPA-free plastic containers
3 of your favorite fruits and veggies (washed and chopped--pick a red, orange, yellow or purple colored food)
2 cups of lettuce (washed and dried)
(optional: 1/8 cup nuts or seeds)
Dressing: Use a plain vinegar/oil mix or look for a dressing that does not contain preservatives, fructose corn syrup or other artificial ingredients. Be wary of low fat dressings that have artificial ingredients.
Pour 1/8 cup of dressing in the bottom of the container.  Layer in each vegetable/fruit starting with the hardest one.  This bottom layer will marinate in the dressing.  Always put the lettuce in last to keep it away from the dressing which will cause it to wilt.  When ready to eat, just shake the container to toss the salad and enjoy!

I was so inspired that I decided to make some as gifts!

The jars are simple quart sized canning jars from Winn-Dixie.  A pack of 12 costs $13.  You can also reuse jars and make labels to cover the tops.    Plastic containers are easily stacked in the refrigerator.  You can also put your salad in quart and gallon sized zip-locks if you are short on space.  If you do, I suggest keeping your dressing in a separate container to avoid sloshing and wilted lettuce. 

Have fun getting more fruits and vegetables in your daily meals!!!  Yum!

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