Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Workout horror...don't let them stop you!

Yoga Nightmare
Did I tell you they laughed at my mat on my first day at a new yoga studio? 
The instructor asked if I brought my own mat or if I needed one. "I brought my own", I said with a smile as I unrolled my blue stickie mat...that was only half the size of the other mats! "Oh my" the instructor said. Is that a kid's mat? To my horror I guess the other half of the mat was cut and used for something else, like carpet pad or a door stop...who knows at this point! All I know is I have a half a mat! So all I could do is laugh and say "Oh my! Where is the rest of my mat?" as she hands me one from the closet. After class I went to Dick's and finally used my gift card. I got a yoga mat, a block (on sale for $2) and a dozen tennis balls for $4 out of my pocket. It was a good day indeed.  
So, don't let a little horror stop you from exercising! 
Here is a creative use of a yoga mat! Use it to make a stencil or a stamp. LOL!

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