Friday, November 15, 2013

Recipe for Success! - Tammy Meyer, Life Coach

A New Recipe….. for Success! This recipe includes a big heaping portion of top tips from Certified Life & Business Coach, Tammy Meyer!

The gesture of sharing recipes has always been a flattering, open exchange. We attend potlucks, host our closest friends and family, and when there are no left-overs, or when someone asks for a recipe, we feel flattered! The question I get most often as a Life and Business Coach is “What does a Life Coach do, exactly?” Every time I get this question I feel flattered, as if someone’s asking for my recipe; my recipe for their success. Coaches don’t give advice or tell others what to do. They do help others help themselves. This unconventional recipe shares some of the best practices and common ingredients that my clients use for their success. (Yes, there is a secret ingredient!)

Recipe for Success

Total prep time: unlimited.
Take your time. Connect with how you work best. Are you motivated by a deadline? Or does letting go of a timeline allow you to gain clarity around what you truly want?

1 full serving of ‘get clear on what you want’
1 daily list of your 6 most important things
1 gratitude journal
2 to 3 self care activities
1 full circle of personal boundaries
1 secret ingredient

Start with a full serving of ‘getting clear’ on what you truly want. No one else but you can determine this. Having a judgment free space to think, to brainstorm, and to ask “What if?” can sometimes be the missing ingredient to get closer to what you truly want. Think of this step as an experiment. Just see what comes up for you. Give your self permission to think limitlessly, setting aside fear and doubt, just for now. You can always let it creep back in, if you choose.

Write your ‘6 most important things’ list every night. The exercise of making this list allows you to clarify and focus on tasks that must be accomplished. Before you finish work every day, make a list. Before you go to bed at night, make a personal list. It helps you be more present at home and more productive at work by allowing you to focus on the ‘right here’ and the ‘right now’. Making a list also allows you to sleep better by not having your ‘to-do’ list running circles in your mind. Get it on paper every day. Start with it every morning to help prioritize your time. It will become a new habit.

Keep a gratitude journal. Every day, write down 5 things you are most grateful for. This is one of the most enjoyable activities for many of my clients. It can be a quick and simple bullet point list or a paragraphed journal entry. Do what resonates for you. Some days it can be difficult to find gratitude. The list might just cover the basics; a roof over your head, good food to eat. Other days it will include the juicy moments in life, lessons learned, experiences, people, and blessings. What happens over time is a subtle shift. By opening your mind and by gaining a new perspective of possibility thinking, new opportunities arise because you see things differently. When we approach life from a place of gratitude, we take the focus off of us and become more giving, more self-less.

Discover what self care means to you. True acts of self care include activities or time spent just for you. Determine what gives you energy. If you had one day or even just one hour all to yourself, what would you do? Find time on a regular basis to take care of you, remembering that you get to define ‘regular’. It could be once a month, once a week or something daily.

Identify your boundaries. Every time you say yes to someone else, with words or actions, you say no to yourself. Where and when in your life do you need to say yes, and when do you need to say no? How do you learn to say no with compassion? Boundaries are one of the most common topics I work on with my clients. Healthy boundaries keep the good in and the not-so-good out. It’s natural human instinct to want to change external factors, like circumstances or other people and their actions. Without healthy boundaries, we give others our power. Healthy boundaries release frustration and disappointment. Having healthy boundaries keeps our focus on what is within our control, what is out of our control, and what we can do to better ourselves and our situation.

Secret Ingredient. The secret ingredient to this recipe for success and for any forward progress is accountability. Accountability is the key ingredient to a successful coaching relationship. We call all have good intentions and truly want change. Until we are willing, supported, and accountable to doing things differently, we continue to live out of habit. Sprinkle in just enough accountability and we begin living with intention and working by design instead of by default. Each of my clients determines next steps from one appointment to the next. This creates momentum and consistent progress to achieve what they truly want in life and business.  Knowing that they are ultimately accountable to themselves, they get to choose what they want to do and when they want to do it. I help them help themselves. I’m truly flattered to share my coaching recipe for success. I am curious to know what your favorite ingredients are in this recipe. How would your life and business be different with a new recipe for success? Contact me for a complimentary chat, and bring one of your recipes to share!

Tammy is certified by the Institute for Life Coach Training, which is accredited by the International Coach Federation. She does personal life and business coaching in person and via phone internationally. She has a B.A. in Organizational Leadership and Exercise Science. She is certified as a Yoga Instructor by Yoga Fit. She is a certified Health Fitness Specialist, ACSM; Certified Personal Trainer and Corrective Exercise Specialist, NASM; and a Specialist in Fitness Nutrition, ISSA. Tammy’s favorite Wild Tree product (although difficult to pick just one) is the Guacamole seasoning!

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