Healthy Meals

I'm excited about sharing with you a great way to start your healthy eating journey!

A friend of mine shared Wildtree herbs and recipes with me and I can't wait to share it with you!

Wildtree herbs recently received their organic seal of approval. They have a great selection of recipes for all dietary needs, for example: gluten-free, vegetarian, nut-free and paleo.  Many items have no added sugars which gives you the option to use natural sweeteners (honey, agave, maple syrup), which is important to me!  You can also modify recipes to make them dairy-free!

The best part is that they are quick, cheap and easy recipe/herb packages using whole foods that you buy at the grocery store or farmers market.

I'm happy to do a Tasting Party for you to see how easy it is to prepare and good it tastes.

I also do Freezer Meal Parties where your guests prepare 10 meals to freeze and eat during the week.  Depending on where you shop, each bag (which serves 4-6 people) costs between $9 and $14.
You can join me at Meals on Monday.  It is a great way to do some of your own menu planning and make-ahead meals.  It really is worth it when dinner is just a matter of grabbing it ready made from the refrigerator or thawing and cooking!

For those not in the local area, I also can send you samples so you can host your own Tasting Party at home. 

Host a party for Fundraising!  Contact me for details.

I'm so excited to share this great way of meal planning to help keep your food costs low, but keep your meals high in nutrients!
For more information, click here to go to my Wildtree webpage.

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